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Kwik Thred

Kwik-Thred self-clinching studs provide the strength of a threaded assembly in areas where the panel is too thin to be tapped. Their primary application is panel-to-panel, usually metal, but they are also very good with printed circuit boards(PCB). The serrated head of the stud is made to grip the panel securely when the nut is tightened, eliminating the need to weld. Unlike many other brands that have six serrations, Crescent's has twelve for significantly more gripping power. Kwik-Threds are available in sizes from #2 to #5/16. Available materials are Carbon Steel, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and Phos Bronze. Other materials can be manufactured upon request. Don't know Crescent's part number? --Not a problem-- check our Reference Page to cross reference PEM® and Captive® part numbers. Items presently available from stock are listed below.

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Date last updated: October 28, 2018
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