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AIC- Aerospace Industry Consulting GMBH
Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Poland
Dirk Lichteiker
Email info@aic-gmbh.com
Reich Sales, LLC

Indiana, Michigan, Up State New York, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania
Adam Reich
PHONE: 440-808-0033
CELL: 440-463-1202
EMAIL: adam@reichsales.com
Rick Rudolph Associates

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Eastern Upstate New York State (east of I-81), and Maine
Rick: 617-240-5326
Morgan: 617-462-2115
RGS Sales, Inc.

Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska
Jerry Keefe
CELL: 309-314-5049
EMAIL: rgsjkeefe@mchsi.com

Pacific Warehouse Sales Arizona, California, Nevada
PHONE: 909-287-7750
FAX: 909-287-7755
Pumphrey Associates, Inc

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas
John Pumphrey
FAX: 770-518-7269
EMAIL: jpumphrey@mindspring.com
Lee S. Johnson Associates Inc.(www.LSJASSOC.Com)

Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Metropolitan New York, Long Island, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania (East of I-81) Lee S. Johnson
102 Pickering Way, Suite 102, Exton, PA 19341
Phone 877-634-7377 (toll free)
Fax 866-329-5752 (toll free)
Cell 484-645-3820
e-mail: LeeJohnsonJr@comcast.net

Kyle Valerio

Former Perfection Screw & Rivet OEM accounts
Kyle Valerio
Former CEO of Perfection Screw & Rivet Co.
PHONE: 860-673-2591
Westerra Marketing Associates, Inc.

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Western Canada
Craig Copper
PHONE: 916-390-1983