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News > Distributor's Link Magazine - FALL 2014

The Big & Small of Crescent Manufacturing

Over the years Crescent has continually tried to offer what our customers have asked us for, which is usually fasteners that they have difficulty finding. So, once again you have asked and we have tried to accommodate your requests.

The Big

A few years ago, we purchased two 3/8 headers for the purpose of expanding our fastener offerings to include lengths up through 3” and a wider selection of shouldered or grip parts. We had no intent of increasing our size range past the 5/16diameter parts we have been manufacturing for years.

However, customers starting commenting about the difficulty they were having in sourcing small quantities of 3/8 diameter parts. Well, we had the machines,so why not? Military, Commercial,or Specially Engineered, Crescent now will manufacture as few as our standard 1000 piece minimum up to millions of 3/8size fasteners. Materials presently available are 302ss,1018, 4037, 8740 steels and brass but we are certainly willing to quote whatever your need.

The Small

Our latest machinery addition at Crescent are two bench headers that are now allowing us to provide even smaller sizes than the 00s we have always offered. This means we can now provide our customers with parts as small as .020in diameter which covers 000 and M1.2 fasteners as well as rivets. These are available in all our standard materials but all inquiries are welcome. Crescent’s expansion into the micro world of fasteners is something we have looked at fora while. With these machines the door has been opened to many more possibilities, which gives us the opportunity to offer our customers alternative domestic sourcing for micro fasteners.

The Possibilities

Crescent has always offered our customers the ability to purchase as few as 1000 pieces of whatever we manufacture. Military parts, Standard parts, Specially Engineered parts, one thousand pieces to millions of pieces manufactured by Crescent in the United States. But… have you thought of us for prototype development?

We have over50 years of cold heading, head and shank slotting, and roll thread forming experience at your disposal. We are hands on, machine savvy, and open to helping you develop the part your customer needs for the job. Our loyalty to our distributors has always assured them that we can work together, with the end user,to get them that part. So now000 to 3/8, M1.2 to M10, a1/16 to 3” are all possible with help from your trusted source – Crescent Manufacturing.

...And The Possibilities to Expand

6300 square feet of new building has been added to Crescent with room for another 6000 square foot second level for the future. We have burst at the seams and out popped an addition. Our new building will house our raw material and our expanded Maintenance Department. We not only maintain our machinery but we also have the knowledge, resources, and ability to rebuild it. With maintenance in the new building we will be able to expand our Quality and Shipping Department. More space means a greater ability to offer scheduling services to our customers and a staging area for customer weekly shipments.Crescent Manufacturing offers you, the customer, other possibilities, just let us know what they should be. Your trusted fastener source for over 50 yrs.

PDF download of The Big & Small of Crescent Manufacturing